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Three Unsung Perks of Using Eco-Friendly Takeaway Containers

Sandwich wrappings, plastic containers, polystyrene coffee cups, etc… The number of things we use once and throw away is almost endless – piling high in our landfills and littering the ocean.

If you run a business that uses disposable packaging, then the solution to this huge environmental problem is simple – switch to using eco-friendly packaging.

After all, cutting out packaging that takes hundreds of years to decompose and replacing it with products like biocane plates and cups made from sugarcane pulp is far more beneficial for the preservation of our planet.

Our environmental footprint is, of course, extremely crucial to the well-being of the planet on which we inhabit, but what about your business? Here are some of the business-related perks of eco-friendly packaging that do not get as much attention as they perhaps should…


Up until a few years ago, flying the flag for your company’s environmental credentials put you in rare company. However, with issues like global warming and ecological damage from human activity now at the forefront of sociopolitical concerns and debates, environmental matters have begun to dominate the media and shape the ways we think about the environment.

Taking this into account, many cafes and restaurants are incorporating sustainable packaging materials for their customers to use – which reflects a burning desire and an increased commitment to do their part, no matter how big or small, to help preserve the planet. Ecoware has become both trendy and essential in ensuring that your business reflects this message.

When you incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your business, you are signalling that your business is one that is ready to adopt a sense of leadership and take positive steps in order to ensure the preservation of our planet and all of its natural beauty. Your company is hence recognised as relevant, smart and caring as opposed to wasteful. As your clients become more mindful of this, they will feel more inclined to purchase your products and far more content when doing so!


The best kind of business is, of course, repeat business. With this in mind, what better way is there to ensure that you keep your customers coming back than to use eco-friendly containers, which ensures a guilt-free experience for both them and for you?

Your customers are sure to be impressed by the eco-friendly packaging you provide, so much so that it may ultimately prompt them to consider your establishment as a cut above the rest; those who do not pay attention to eco-friendly packaging

By differentiating yourself from the competition through something positive, you will gain social cachet – customers will talk about your packaging and praise your business, enhancing your reputation and, therefore, your profitability.


In business, just as in life, knowing that you’ve made a difference is an extremely rewarding feeling. By switching to eco-friendly packaging in your business, you will make a tangible change that greatly benefits planet Earth, makes your customers feel good about purchasing your product and may even bring you a smile or two.

At WholesalePak we are passionate about using our Ecoware products to change the world. By making the switch, you have an opportunity to to define your business as environmentally friendly, strengthen brand recognition and improve customer experience. All you have to do is make the change – you can see our range of products right here.