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‘Tis the season to be Grazing

With Summer and the silly season around the corner we want to make sure you have the best disposable platters for your customers. 

Back in the first century the Romans were known for their frivolous feasting, where they used to pile platters high full of livers, pheasant brains and other amounts of exotic foods that were considered luxuries. 

Now, more than ever, grazing cheese, meat, and dessert platters have become a popular way to help feed families and friends through all-year-round celebrations.

With COVID-19 throwing a spanner in the works for large gatherings, many grazing businesses moved towards disposable platters and serving ware. Which is where WholesalePak was able to help accommodate the high demand of disposables.

Ever wondered what it takes to create the perfect grazing platter? 

  1. Theme – Understanding what type of theme your event or business is will help you to determine what food you’ll need to display. 
  2. Platter size – Try to choose a tray size that gives you enough room to work with so that you can include the best and tastiest treats.
  3. Flow – Having a foodie flow that guides consumers to the next piece of food that accompanies the previous helps to shape your platter and make sure every element is combined with the next. 

Having the best packaging is a simple opportunity to bring your customers into your ‘family’ and to ultimately make them your brand ambassadors.

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