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Top Tips For Selecting The Right Crockery For Your Restaurant

Do you have fantastic food, but you aren’t really sure about what crockery to use and how to style it?

For today’s culinary consumer, dining is a whole sensory experience more than just what their taste buds take a shining to. The environment, tableware and service all play a part in having a happy customer. 

As a wholesale crockery supplier, we have thousands of crockery and tableware options, and we have seen our client’s style in so many ways. So, these are our top tips and recommended products on how to make your food centre stage.

Smaller is Better

If there is a small amount of food in a bowl, you don’t want your food to look like a small fish in a big pond. On the other hand, don’t overfill your bowl to the point where things are spilling over either. While large bowls and plates can add interest, keeping things smaller will make it easier for styling and getting those great images.

Go White 

Few things don’t work with white crockery. There’s a reason it’s a popular staple. Keep it simple and classic, and you can’t go wrong.

Go Dark 

Second, to white is dark coloured crockery. If you have light or bright coloured foods in your plate or bowl, it tends to make them stand out even more. 

Add pops of colour and texture 

 This can make particular colours of foods pop. Think composite colours (this also looks great on the Instagram feed). Make sure to choose colours and textures similar to your branding and style. For example, Modern Australian food, we instantly think of nice rustic textured crockery. If your too concerned colours won’t work, you can’t go wrong with the basics of black and white. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shape

Having interesting or different shaped bowls adds interest and a sense of character. If your business is quirky or wants to be a little bit different, having an interesting bowl or plate can really add value.

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