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Corona Virus has added a range of processes and procedures to our ordinary everyday interactions. However, some of them look like sticking around post-pandemic. Because we may never again know a world without hand sanitiser, disinfects and surface wipes, here are our top three suggestions to tackle the new normal! 

Hand sanitiser: Great for home, travel, outdoors and more, the Nano brand sanitiser is anti-bacterial, kills 99.9% of germs rapidly and is rinse- and wash-free! 

How to use: Leave a bottle in your office, home or even car to ensure your hands are always germ-free.

Disinfectant: Vira San Disinfectant is a specially formulated hospital-grade, non-corrosive spray, that has been proven to kill COVID-19 within 60-seconds of contact.

How to use: Simply spray, wait and wipe. Sanitisation is effective within one minute.

Surface wipes: Formulated with 75% alcohol to kill up to 99.99% of germs, Nano’s anti-bacterial Surface Wipes feature household grade disinfectant to clean and disinfect a range of surfaces such as benches, kitchens, food preparation areas, shared surfaces, door handles, shopping trolley handles, bathrooms and more. The anti-bacterial wipes don’t contain bleach and are low-linting with a strong and durable construction suitable for everyday use.

How to use: Follow directions of the packet, but as a general rule, use one wipe at a time – starting at the top of a vertical surface and wiping down, and starting at one end of a horizontal surface and moving slowly to the opposite end. Use multiple wipes to cover large areas.