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Leverage the power of branded packaging to grow your business

Packaging design is an important part of the customer journey and good design, relevant to the brand, can make all the difference to customer retention.

Your product packaging needs to be attractive and memorable to help anchor your brand into the minds of your customers. Besides, it’s free advertising space that you own, so why not make the most of it?

Think about it – when you purchase something in plain, unmarked packaging, what does that say about the brand? It’s a missed opportunity to subliminally create customer loyalty and add a finesse to your products so they stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Outstanding packaging tells your brand story. Whether it’s eco-friendly, modern or conservative, funky, fun or serious, you can take control of what people think and feel about your brand with the clever use of colours, designs and materials.

If there’s a mismatch in the packaging concept and type of products you make, you will lose customers, and that’s not something anyone can afford, especially now with the devastating impact of COVID-19.

Restaurants and cafés are a good example of an industry sector particularly affected by the coronavirus. Many have closed down or have been forced to operate on reduced numbers and/or to pivot to a takeaway model of operation.

Not being able to have a sit down, face-to-face dining experience elevates the importance of outstanding restaurant packaging supplies to keep customers coming back.

WholesalePak has three great products that can act as a ‘silent salesperson’ for your brand, i.e custom greaseproof paper, custom packaging coffee cups and custom napkins.

Greaseproof paper need not simply be a way to wipe away your oil spills. Choose a custom-print version and it can form an essential part of your plating process, leaving behind a mark (the good kind!) of everything you and your brand believe in.⁠

Custom packaging coffee cups perform a double duty, delivering the practicalities of takeaway cup supplies, along with the distribution of your brand messaging out and about in the world. With the present social distancing restrictions still in place around much of Australia, leveraging customers to distribute your brand makes a lot of sense. Also, coffee addicts make good regular return customers, so anything that gives you an edge over your competitors is definitely worth the investment!

Similarly, beyond the practicalities of hygiene, custom napkins reinforce your brand messaging and work as a visual reminder to customers to come back again and again for your delicious offerings.

The ultimate takeaway message is to treat all forms of your packaging with the respect it deserves and to recognise the power and influence that it has on your brand and customers.

Dismissing packaging as a simple means to an end is a wasted opportunity to bring your customers into your ‘family’ and to ultimately make them your brand ambassadors.

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