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Three Sustainable Materials Used For Food Packaging

Sustainable business practices are the future.

These days, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and are increasingly concerned about the origins of the materials they use. If you are a business looking to make your food packaging more sustainable, then consider these three eco-friendly materials.


Palm Leaves

If you’ve ever owned a palm tree, you’ll know just how many palm fronds fall off your tree each year. They end up on the ground and eventually in the bin, so why not use all of these fallen leaves to make disposable food packaging? There are many companies that use compostable fallen palm leaves and water to create Eco-packaging with a beautiful wood-like colour and sleek texture – this way, trees no longer need to be cut down.



If you are into sustainability, then you have no doubt heard about the Eco-wonder that is bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most abundant plant species on Earth and, as it is technically a grass and not wood, it is extremely fast growing and can be harvested every four to five years. This bamboo can then be pulped and pressed to create disposable food packaging. Bamboo dinnerware is 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly, as well as being strong and sturdy. Bamboo food packaging also has a natural woody colour and smooth texture.



Sugarcane food packaging is made by processing and pressing sugarcane pulp. Like bamboo, sugar cane is fast-growing and can be harvested a lot quicker than most commercial woods. Likewise, it can be used to create sturdy and versatile dinnerware that can house a wide variety of foods. Sugarcane food packaging is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that it is grease and water resistant, fridge and freezer safe and microwave safe (up to 220°C). Sugarcane food packaging is 100% renewable and compostable.

At WholesalePak we know that sustainable business practices are the key to a sustainable future. If you need some inspiration for sustainable food packaging, check our large range of Ecoware products.