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Why The Plate Is More Important Than The Food

Many restaurateurs or café owners forget the minor detail that is choosing the right dinnerware for the establishment. It can be daunting to select a plate to go with every dish in the restaurant, so here’s why it’s important to consider investing in good dinnerware.


Pizza Plate

The dinnerware of your café or restaurant is a stage for the food to be presented to your customers. It can make the customer excited to take a photo and enjoy the meal. That will generate buzz around your establishment as well and bring in more customers. You can make a casual pizza place like an upscale restaurant by choosing the plates you use in your business. Check out our great range of pizza plates suitable for home and catering sectors!


Eco Friendly Plates

It all depends on the setting of your establishment. Usually, any high-end places opt for light or dark coloured plates to showcase the food more clearly. Smaller establishments lean towards intricate plate details, such as nautical designs for seafood restaurants. Interestingly, research has shown round plates and bowls can be related to food that is sweet, while angular plates are linked to savoury food.


Plates and Bowls

Plate size makes up a major factor of how the customer distinguishes the value of the meal and compares it to the price. Research discovered that customers are most satisfied to see a plate that is three quarters filled, and anything beyond that customers won’t think it’s worth the price. Similarly, if there is more space on the plate than food, the customer typically perceives it as not worth it. The beautiful Serax Range, pictured above, is now exclusively available at WholesalePak!


The Corner House

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best plates, but that doesn’t mean you should be a scrooge on buying cheap quality dinnerware as well. Purchasing good quality dinnerware can make you save more, as it won’t chip and wear easy in the long run, and it makes your restaurant more environmentally friendly, too. The goal is to get good quality plates that fit your budget and the setting of the restaurant.

Creating the ambience of your business with a simple choice of dinnerware can make your customers’ dining experience highly enjoyable and you’ll leave them coming back for more. Why not tell us how much this small change has affected your business for the better?

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