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The Trend Towards Branded Packaging: Why It’s Great For Your Business

Failing to fully embrace and exploit the immense power of branding is something your business cannot afford. You work hard to develop and differentiate your brand – stirring the emotions and loyalty of your customers and standing out in the marketplace – so why would you not apply that to every aspect of your business, from top to bottom? It is easy to assume that, because your product and your customer service are excellent, the packaging doesn’t really matter. But it has been demonstrated that, in many or in fact in most cases, the quality of custom packaging – how it looks on the shelf and is presented to the world – can be just as important as the product itself. If it’s down to a choice between your product and your main competitor’s, it could be the quality of your packaging that makes the difference between a one-off purchase and then a lifetime of loyalty, or simply missing the bus altogether.


Just as your brand represents what your product stands for, how you wrap it up and present it to your loyal customers shows how proud you are of your business – and how they can be too. Anyone who has bought and unpacked a top-of-the-line, premium watch or electrical product, for instance, will tell you that superb product packaging is a crucial and important part of the overall experience of consuming. It makes you feel good about what you have bought even before you have fully unwrapped it.

Effective brand packaging is an extremely powerful marketing tool


Presenting your product with beautiful, quality packaging extends your level of customer service and pride in your brand to the very experience of seeing it on the shelf and unwrapping it. It says as much about your brand and your product as anything else can, and – in a market where 95% of all new products ultimately fail – it can be the difference between success and failure.


It is a fundamental mistake to think packaging is purely practical: ‘It’s only there to protect the product from damage’. Wrong.

In an often crowded marketplace, great packaging makes your product stand out. It catches the eye of a busy consumer. It represents better quality, the right values, an affinity with the intended market and that it is better than the alternatives. For this reason, companies can often notice a marked improvement – or decline – in how a product sells simply based on wise or unwise changes to packaging design.