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Are Mason Jars Still On Trend?

To Mason jar or not to Mason jar? That is the question. The Mason jar trend took the world by storm several years ago, suddenly appearing on tables at weddings, adorned with fairy lights and filled with wildflowers or in cafes topped up with smoothies, layered varieties of Bircher muesli and one jar salads. Every well meaning hipster around town could be seen clutching a Mason jar reverently to their chest, filled with their favourite beverage or even distributing these at private events to friends keen on sampling their favourite drop of organic wine or boutique beer.

But have Mason jars finished their time in the spotlight, to be left grasping desperately for former glory, kinda like Madonna kissing Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards?


Mason Jar Cafe(Credit: @wanderfulcasey)

While Mason jars aren’t seen as prevalent as when they were first introduced on the cafe scene, these are still a popular accessory in restaurants and cafes around Sydney – especially those selling healthy or rustic food and beverage varieties.

As Mason jars are an inexpensive, simple and easy way to serve all types of drinks and dishes, it’s unlikely that any savvy vegetarian or health food and beverage retailer will release their hold on this item. And quite frankly, who could blame them? The Mason jar appeals to our innate desires and products presented in a Mason jar are often seen as more authentic, less mass-produced and of course, more organic.

Just take a look at Perth based company The Juicist if you’re not catching our drift.


The Juicist Mason Jar

(Credit: @thejuicist)

Although Mason jars aren’t as big a trend as when first introduced, it’s unlikely we’ll see this homely vessel ride off into the sunset any time soon – if any vegan or hipster worth their weight has anything to do with it!

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