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Let’s Talk About Sydney Burger Fever

Ze Pickle

Sydney’s burger craze has been gaining some serious momentum, with restaurants all over the city vying for the title of ‘best burger’. Burger lovers of Sydney can rejoice, as it means new and exciting burger varieties are popping up with reckless abandon.

We’re not sure about you, but at WholesalePak we believe that when your tummy starts rumbling there’s nothing more tantalising than a burger from your favourite restaurant or café; whether it be a classic steak house, a trendy Bondi establishment, or one of those 1950’s traditional American style diners you’ve seen popping up all over.


We’re not just talking about any old burger. What we love is a good, old fashioned burger, homemade style – dripping with sauces, and so loaded with toppings you struggle to wrap your hands around it, let alone squeeze it into your mouth. The kind of burger that ends up all over your face, with sauce layering the tip of your nose and smeared across your cheeks, and beetroot juice covering the front of your shirt.

While man versus burger is definitely not pretty to watch, savouring the explosion of flavours in your mouth, when devouring the crème de la crème of burgers is nothing short of heaven.


Some of the WholesalePak team’s personal favourites that regularly receive rave reviews in the media include:

At WholesalePak we pride ourselves on providing packaging supplies to some of Sydney’s most esteemed burger establishments – just browse our Instagram to see how sexy we get these burgers looking!


Goodtime Burgers

What all of these restaurants have in common is the quality of the ingredients they use and maintaining the perfect balance of melted cheese and sauces to keep the burgers moist. From the highest standard of beef, poultry, pork and seafood, to the softest locally sourced buns, rich and tasty relishes and freshest salad ingredients – they ensure every ingredient is carefully selected to blend together in perfect burger harmony.

It’s well worth trying some of these amazing Sydney burger restaurants out for yourself.

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