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The 3 Most Instagrammed Sydney Dishes

There are two types of people in this world: those that take photos of their food and those who pretend they don’t.

#foodporn represents a revolution in the way we consume food (and in turn, Instagram), the way we follow food trends and the food choices of our friends. Cafes and restaurants are going above and beyond to put up dishes that don’t just tick all the right boxes that constitute a delicious meal, but also have that ‘insta’ flair.

We’ve put together some of our favourite Sydney food crazes that are making our mouths water and blitzing our Instagram feeds.


Speedos Vegan Pancake Stack

It’s hard to imagine something more photographed than the view from the grassy knoll at Bondi Beach but the vegan pancake stack at Speedos are a real contender.

Featuring all the colours of the rainbow with poached berries, fig, pistachio crumble, maple syrup and cocowhip as an optional extra; this gorgeous dish is vegan friendly but even the biggest dairy fiend will find it hard to resist.

No strategic angles or sophisticated lighting required, this dish arrives perfectly stacked and ready to snap! Have you dined at Speedos recently? Then you’ve enjoyed a meal served atop a premium WholesalePak plate or bowl!


Mister Gee Burger Truck

These guys have a cult following in Sydney with their mobile burger offering tantalising and teasing those in the know. Using Instagram to update their changing location gives the burgers from Mister Gee’s burgers the elusive factor for all insta-dish photographers.

With names like the Truffe, Stonersrevenge, M.S Gee and other witty and delicious burgers on a rotating menu, hit up Mister Gee’s and get snapping this summer. You can check out just how delicious their burgers look via their Instagram, but we just had to use the image space above to show you how amazingly our custom branded packaging turned out! 🙂


Donut Box

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the doughnut trend hit Sydney because when it hit, it hit hard.

One night in Sydney, we went to bed to cronuts and woke up the next morning in a glaze-filled doughnut blaze of holey glory.

Krispy who? Dr Dough’s Donut Box has dominated the heart, mind, bellies and Instagram feeds of foodies for good reason; they’re curing first world problems with their doughnuts. And of course, their beautiful customised branded packaging is brought to you by WholesalePak 😉

So if you’re ready to get your Instagram looking damn delicious, order your Dr. Dough’s Donut Box on Ubereats or Deliveroo and get snapping. Have you checked out WholesalePak’s official Instagram yet? It’s full of only the most spectacular dishes brought to you by all of our friends and partners across Sydney!

Which foods are dominating your Instagram? We’d love to hear from you!