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Scouring Sydney For The Perfect Cup of Coffee

One of the many benefits of living in the beautiful city of Sydney is its coffee game. At WholesalePak, we firmly believe that Sydney sets the international standard for a consistently exceptional brew. But with so many cafés popping up on a daily basis, all claiming to provide an unmatched quality of coffee, it can be difficult separating the good from the immaculate. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve shortlisted four of our favourite local venues you have to visit for a truly memorable coffee experience!


WholesalePak Coffee

Located in Wattle St, Ultimo, Local MBassy is a coffee connoisseur’s paradise. If you like unusual blends like red velvet, taro purple, coconut, or chocolate mocha, MBassy is the place to be. They’re also adventurous with their food, their signature dish being the red velvet pancake with delicious in-house mascarpone. Set to décor as quirky as their coffee, they’re daring brews are poured into WholesalePak’s ceramic mugs and glasses.


WholesalePak Coffee

Pourch & Parlour is Bondi café lifestyle at its best. Come in on a Sunday for amazing poached eggs with spinach, a bloody mary and of course a fantastic coffee that many customers highly rate. We should know, we’ve tried their coffee because we designed they’re branded takeaway cups! They use Will & Co beans, which are fast making a name for themselves amongst Sydney siders as one of the tastiest, richest blends available today. Check it out next time you need a good feed on Sunday. If you’re so inclined, you can also get your hands on the #turmericlatte that is all the rage right now.


WholesalePak Coffee

If you want a place where the beans are blended exclusively by the owner, and the coffee is “absolutely perfect” in the words of one customer, Four Little Foxes located in Milperra, Western Sydney is outstanding. And it’s not just the customers who are raving. Four Little Foxes house coffee blend is award winning. WholesalePak has the honour of designing and supplying FLF’s custom branded cups. Be sure to check them out soon.


WholesalePak Coffee

Tucked away in the bustling CBD of Sydney, lize + bath is making ‘gourmet tuckshop’ the latest craze. Specialising in rustic, mouth-watering menu items, lize + bath also make a seriously good cup of jo, and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you one with their signature coffee art. Maybe you’ll get a swan, a love heart or a perfect leaf. One things for sure, you’ll see WholesalePak products at lize + bath. We supply all their food packaging and tabletop wear.

Those are our top nominations for the best coffee in Sydney. Did we miss any? If we did, get in touch and let us know. If you’d like to see any of WholesalePak’s ceramic mugs, latte glasses, or branded coffee cups feel free to explore our full range today!