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Instagram: How Important Is It To Your Business?

Instagram has become a huge marketing tool for any business, period. But for food-service operators of all kinds, Instagram has brought on a revolution in marketing and audience communication. Every restaurateur, hotel, delivery service, and cafe worth their salt (pardon the pun) should be getting on the Instagram train, and here’s why.

It's a marketing monster

If you’re in an industry that sells beautiful products, such as hospitality, it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t take advantage of a highly visual platform like Instagram. Delicious #foodstagram and #foodporn is always trending on Insta – and unlike its parent company, Facebook – Instagram doesn’t use an algorithm for what appears on your audience’s newsfeed. This means everyone following your page will see your posts as you publish and better yet, the likes are freely shared. Again, unlike on Facebook, Instagram’s audience doesn’t have to worry that their likes will get shared with their friends – meaning people can get in the 10,000+ range for likes and followers.

Depending on how smart you play the game the benefits of Instagram can be massive. Although you can pay for targeted ads based on analytics, you can also create an exciting feed that’s completely free.

Improves CRM

CRM (for the uninitiated) stands for ‘customer relationship management’. It basically means how you manage your relationship with your customer, including what strategies, technologies and data you’re picking up from them. With Instagram, you can drastically improve your CRM by using their new tool – Instagram Direct. It’s a direct messaging feature that allows customers can message your brand in private about any questions they may have. The same goes for sponsors and influencers.

As you can see the ability to network is then endless as well. You can collect tons of data and almost run a customer service help desk depending on how much you want to use the feature. On the flip side, you can respond to comments on your posts and enter into a dialogue with your viewers, thereby spreading the love for your brand – definite food for thought.

Enhance your branding & rep

Are you a laid back wholefoods cafe, a glamorous nightclub or like us, a food packaging company with some always-cool clients to showcase? With Instagram, you can really celebrate and build your brand’s image and personality. Build up an atmospheric personal by filtering your images. Or collage together pictures and overlay text to show you are fast-paced and innovative. Alternatively, show an intimate side to your brand and personalise yourself by snapping the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of your work in the hospitality industry. The creative branding opportunities are endless.

Have we inspired you? If you want to see what we’re talking about, how about starting by checking out WholesalePak’s Instagram? We’re posting pics regularly that showcase our favourite client’s beautiful food spreads, flaunting our gorgeous packaging and tableware. If you want any tips or advice, or if you’re one of our clients and you want to be featured on our page more – let us know.

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