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Your Guide To Alcoholic Drink Glasses

Because life isn’t a college party where generic red cups set the standard, you need to get your alcoholic beverage drinkware right for every tipple and occasion.

That’s because it’s not just about looking the part and feeling classy – there is science behind all of those different glass shapes and sizes for different alcoholic drinks, and it’s your job to know when you’re serving your customers. The shape and size influence the drink’s aroma and body and can optimise its flavour, as well as regulate how much you should serve and how quickly the customer can drink it. So here’s your guide to getting it right.


At WholesalePak, we know better than most that there’s more to beer than just the common pint! Normally quite simple shapes, beer glasses typically widen at the top, making them suitable for larger amounts of liquid and meaning it’s easier to drink. They also come in smaller sizes, slender shapes like the pilsner and much bigger jugs like steins. WholesalePak’s extensive drinkware collection ensures there’s a beer glass to suit any taste or occasion. Check out our beer glass range to see for yourself!


A champagne glass, otherwise known as a flute, is narrow, tulip-shaped and mandatory for weddings, toasts and celebrations. Why the shape? It’s all about maintaining the fizz and showing off those bubbles. Looking to add a touch of elegance to your restaurant, bar or even your next dinner party? Browse WholesalePak’s stunning champagne flute collection!


Think the famous Martini and beyond, the weird yet sexy shape of a cocktail glass actually helps prevent the mixed ingredients from separating, while the thin stem means your warm hands don’t warm the drink. From an Aperol Spritz to a White Russian, WholesalePak’s cocktail range will most certainly have you covered!


High-what? This tall glass might look unassuming but it’s tailor-made for fizzy cocktails and mixers, like a gin and tonic, ensuring your drink will not go flat too soon. Ranging from classic to contemporary, browse our Highball range, brought to you by some of WholesalePak’s most popular brands!


The opposite of a Highball is a Lowball – or tumbler. This is what you drink a scotch or brandy on the rocks out of because they’re just the right size to accommodate a small measure and a few chunks of ice. Whether it’s a bulk purchase of something casual and colourful or something that exudes class and sophistication, WholesalePak’s tumbler range has something for everyone.


We all know what a shot glass is – it measures a standard ‘shot’ of alcohol which is usually drunk in one go. But there are also versions that are designed to be sipped from, like a fancy liqueur glass. WholesalePak’s shot glass range varies in style and size, ensuring we have something for those who’d like a shot of vodka or tequila as well as those who like to wash down their dinners with a nice, stomach-settling shot of limoncello!


The white wine glass is typically slender and tulip shaped, which is good for keeping that chill in the drink. Glasses for your favourite red are typically larger and bowl-shaped, allowing the different aromas to mingle. And as I’m sure you’d have guessed by now, WholesalePak has a wine glass range so extensive that you simply couldn’t not find something you love!

There are so many variations on alcoholic drink glasses and we stock almost every option you’re looking for in our range of ecofriendly drinkware, all of which can be bought in bulk for your event and catering needs. Wondering how our glassware looks in action? Check out the Instagram page for the iconic Sydney establishment Bar Machiavelli, all drinkware supplied exclusively by WholesalePak!