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Why You Need Ecoware and Printed Packaging in 2016

Want your business to shine in 2016? Then you must put attention to the details; and this starts with selecting the right packaging.


By embracing the latest ecoware you demonstrate first-hand your commitment to the environment and how you wish to contribute to sustainability. Being ‘Green’ is no longer a buzz-word but a philosophy that your business adopts to reduce its carbon foot-print.

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t just about biodegradable packaging – it’s about minimising waste through the entire lifecycle of the product, from production to waste. Customers are becoming more conscious of sustainability efforts, and will look for providers that engage in environmentally safe practices. The terms disposable and take-away have negative connotations of ‘waste’ and ‘rubbish’ and ‘pollution’. Show your customers this doesn’t have to be the case by using Ecoware food packaging.

Many cafes and restaurants are now viewing eco-friendly products as must-have
I’m sure there are owners or managers who might be asking – but how much extra would all this Ecoware cost? For a disposable coffee cup – it will only cost an extra couple CENTS per cup. Not a bad price to pay for looking after the environment is it?

The environment should no longer be an afterthought in 2016, and the businesses that will shine will be those that are perceived as environmentally-conscious.

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Branded packaging is one way you can build exposure to your business.

Do you have social media contests and hashtags you want your customers to participate in? Advertise these promotions on your coffee cups or burger boxes to help build engagement. Creativity is what will separate businesses’ in 2016 and you need to make sure you aren’t left behind!

Custom-printed packaging provides benefits outside of social media contests as well. What about that fantastic logo you have that you feel doesn’t get enough awareness? Inserting the logo in creative ways on your take-away coffee cups, containers, and boxes can really help brand recognition – just try to think of something original and don’t shy away from doing what your competitors won’t! This broad reach will maximise the impact of your marketing dollar.

Custom printed supplies can add to your brand’s voice 

Thinking for the perspective of your customers – whenever they are checking in, following, liking, friending and sharing your brand – your products will stand out thanks to your creative packaging. Food packaging doesn’t have to be bland and boring – get the competitive edge and invest in custom-printed products today!  Your customers will love you for it.

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At WholesalePak we believe Ecoware and custom-printed food packaging will help differentiate your brand in 2016. These two approaches will help define your business as environmentally friendly while assisting with brand recognition. Don’t be left in the dark in 2016 – propel your brand with WholesalePak.