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Boardroom to breakfast bar: 6 home office essentials with WholesalePak

Whether you’ve always worked from home or found yourself swapping your desk for the dining room due to reasons out of your control, WholesalePak’s tips and tricks will help make the most of your transition to doing business remotely. 

Dress for success 
While it may be tempting to take your first meeting in your PJs, changing out of your Big-Bird onesie can also help you swap your mindset from the bedroom to boardroom. And although a full-face of makeup and high heels may no longer be required, a too-relaxed approach to your home-office attire runs the risk of a mind that also never quite gets into work mode. 

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Recreate your cubicle in the… err… kitchen… 
We get it. Space may be limited in your place of residence, but implementing personal boundaries is one of the easiest ways towards professional success. Although ideally, your work station will be set up in a spare room, any quiet area – where you can take calls, video conference and generally be an interrupted employee – should do the trick.

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… But a work-free zone is just as important 
While establishing areas dedicated to completing your daily to-do list is vital, it’s equally important to allocate an employment-free area. Creating corners in the home where the laptop does not follow is imperative in maintaining a semblance to work/life balance. 

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Back in the habit 
A regular routine is a key component in making the transition to working-from-home successful. Even if your new CEOs may possess an annoying habit of asking “what’s for dinner mum?”, it’s imperative that these colleagues understand your professional obligations – and respect the time and space you need to execute them. 

Don’t forget: While a strict-ish schedule is generally encouraged, taking advantage of WFH perks – like a biscuit tin where you get to pick your favourites – can also be an excellent idea!

Daily Grind 
You may want to prove your productivity to the boss by answering emails at all hours, but be sure to avoid burnout by allocating a few minutes throughout the day for a break. In fact, regular time-out can actually aid in keeping you fresh and focused. Take advantage of your location by popping out for a quick stroll around the block (keeping social distancing rules in place of course!) or fake your way towards a professional caffeine-fix, with a made-at-home macchiato .

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Ready, set, stop! 
Just because access to work is easier than ever, doesn’t mean you should make yourself endlessly available too. Unless there is a pre-existing expectation that you are contactable after hours, set a sensible time to log off, unplug and recharge – and stick to it! 

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